What is the Ambassador Program?

Wright Choice Financial Group developed this program for clients to introduce their friends, family, and colleagues to our firm. It is a great way to help them realize their own retirement goals.

How Do I Become an Ambassador?

Introduce us to a friend, family member, or colleague and if it results in an appointment with a Wright Choice Financial Group financial advisor, then you will become an ambassador!

Who Should I Introduce to Wright Choice Financial Group?

You should introduce people just like you! It is our pleasure to assist you with your retirement journey needs and we would love to do the same for your friends, family, and colleagues. Introduce us to anyone that has similar needs and goals as you.

How Can I Introduce Family and Friends?

There are three ways to introduce a referral:

  1. Call our office for a list of upcoming educational and social events. The person you introduce can learn more about us by attending one of our events.
  2. Email us and carbon copy your friend, family member, or colleague, and we'll take it from there!
  3. Submit an interest form below to be contacted.

Our Ambassador Program

We appreciate you for being an advocate of ours and thank you for introducing us to people you believe we can help now and in the future.

Connect With Us

Thank you!