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Virtual Learning Center

Welcome to our Virtual Learning Center! At Wright Choice Financial Group, we believe in simplifying our lives so that we have the time to focus on what’s truly important. That’s why we’ve designed a free virtual library available to anyone who wants to learn more about investing, taxes, retirement and ultimately their legacy. We encourage you to watch our videos below and take notes on what you have questions on. Thereafter, please schedule a meeting with us to discuss your questions using the button below. Happy learning!

Company Message:
December 2020

Watch this short two minute video message from Doug to hear him discuss
Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), Roth conversions, and portfolio changes!

Company Message:
November 23, 2020

Watch this short two minute video message from Doug to hear him discuss
THREE big changes concerning our office, your taxes, healthcare and more!

Company Message:
October 20, 2020

Special Announcement!

Watch this 3 minute video to hear Doug’s latest update on the Market and Upcoming Election information.

Company Message:
September 2, 2020

Special Announcement!

Watch this short 3 minute video to hear our Special Announcement and Doug’s Market Update for September 2020.

Company Message:
July 27, 2020

As our office continues to remain open, we are available for Zoom meetings and phone calls for anyone who wants to discuss their portfolio. Book your appointment in real time on Doug’s calendar at: Watch this 4 minute video to learn more about recent changes in the market and a second stimulus package being introduced in the HEALS Act.

Economic Update:
June 3, 2020

With a number of states reopening their economies, many of us have begun to transition into the "new normal". Watch this 5 minute video to learn about the current state of the market, strategies you could be implementing, and some exciting news and updates from our office.

COVID-19: An Important Update
May 6, 2020

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we recognize you may have questions and concerns. You can rest assured that our team has taken every step to ensure continuity of service and support. Watch this 4 minute video to understand how we’re addressing these matters.

CARES Act 101:
April 1, 2020

You’ve got questions about the CARES Act and we’re here to help. 
Watch this 4 minute video to learn more!

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